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Hello, Fellow Therapists...

There are some things I've learned along my journey as a therapist and human. And I'd be happy to share that knowledge with you on your journey. Here's a couple of things I can support YOU with- scroll down to see how I can help:

Professional Consultation
- Working with Dogs in Practice

Consultations regarding canine-assisted therapy, therapy dog work, or simply bringing a pet to work with you are personalized to fit your needs.

Most often, therapists are looking for support with:

  • Legal and ethical considerations

  • Consents and paperwork review

  • Canine-based interventions

  • The "where to start" considerations

  • Deepening your canine connections

Clinical Supervision
- Provided to LMHCA's and CC's

*FULL at this time

As a supervisor, I am invested in YOUR growth and development, and YOUR strengths as a clinician. My responsibility is to support you in finding answers to your questions and developing your own skills within a scope that aligns with your license, education and experiences. Some of my interests and skills that I can contribute include art-based therapy, canine-assisted therapy, crisis care, suicidal ideation and self-harm, grief and loss, anxiety and school refusal, and school-based interventions. Keeping up with WA law and ethics, I can help you to understand what to do when you aren't sure what to do, and how to look for what you need.


You'll do great! The world needs you.

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